Your Opinion: Dabbing, is it a thing of the past?


Sensi Seeds has written about dabbing in various previous posts: the definition of dabbing, the pros and cons of  dabbing medicinal cannabis, and even whether or not the extracts used for dabbing should be considered as hard or soft drugs. Although many people think of dabbing as a recent development, the extracts used for it have been around for over 40 years. It is the devices known as ‘oil rigs’, or just ‘rigs’, resembling a bong and blowtorch combination, that are the innovation, along with more people than ever attempting to make their own extracts. Both the dangers inherent in this process and the exceptional strength of the final product have given dabbing a bad name in various circles, although the latter point – the strength and purity – has been winning some support  from both medicinal and recreational users who are searching for the fastest and most effective hit. As with so many things in the sphere of cannabis, opinion is divided on this method even among people who all agree that cannabis is great! In this article, we take a look at some of your opinions about dabbing.

Our poll question on Facebook
Our poll question on Facebook

Opinions from the Sensi Seeds Facebook page

On October 7th, we asked our Facebook fans whether they thought dabbing was a thing of the past. At the time of writing, 67 people had left responses to this question. Of the answers that came down firmly on one side or the other, it was a (perhaps surprisingly) close-run thing: 19 people said yes, dabbing was a thing of the past – or at least, for them personally –  and 21 said no, dabbing was definitely a thing of the present and the future. The rest ranged from undecided to unequivocal – many people said they enjoyed both methods.

Facebook user Jackson Evans had this to say:

“I find dabs quicker. And less pungent on the odor side. Take 10 seconds to heat the nail and drop a dab on. It’d take me a few minutes to load a bowl and smoke it down as well. I like my low temp dabs, and when I smoke trees it just tastes burnt to me. I really try to stay away from buds just because I feel like the plant matter is covering my terps. I like vaping buds, just not smoking em. I think smoking tree is a thing of the past. Vaping and concentrates are the future because it is cleaner if done right. All about global warming and carbon footprint right?”

His final sentence makes an interesting point. The average carbon footprint of a joint made with indoor-grown cannabis is shockingly large; almost a kilo of CO2 emissions, or the equivalent of a 100 watt lightbulb burning for 17 hours. These figures can also apply to the cannabis grown to produce extracts. However, this is a harder equation to calculate, with return ratios of between 6% for trim and 20% for buds, since extracts can be produced from trim and other unsmokable plant materials as well as bud. The amount of extract obtained from the process varies widely depending on factors such as where the plants were grown, how old they are, and how long they are in the solvent. The solvent itself, usually butane, and the energy required for the extraction process also contribute to the carbon cost of extracts. It is still unclear whether the smaller amounts of extract required for the same high is enough to offset the additional cost of producing it. (Do share your thoughts on this in the comments!)

Is there an age divide in the dabbing question?

 Some of the comments seem to indicate that dabbing is thought of as something for the younger generation:

From D.B. – “Imo it’s a fad. It got really popular really fast, especially with younger folks. Truth is most ppl just wanna smoke bud. At least I know I do. Just my thoughts. Stay lifted.”

From Marijuana and More – “Younger crowd seems to like dabbing…too strong for me, I’ll stick with the bud! It’s not going anywhere!”

From Howard C. Reaves – “I will forever smoke joints! I like a dab every once in a while, but not as a everyday means of getting stoned. Nothing like a good tasting joint. Joints are a more social thing too. Nothing like riding round with ya homies smoking on a joint or blunt on a sunny afternoon. Can’t chill like that when u dabbing, or hell maybe u can. As far me and my crew, I guess we just old school.”

A rig, used for dabbing cannabis extracts
A rig, used for dabbing cannabis extracts

Others were put off by the equipment needed, an opinion echoed in other articles both on this blog and elsewhere pointing out the unfortunate resemblance between dabbing and smoking crack:

D.P. – “I don’t need to buy another “rig”, or a torch, or tools. F all that. I got a grinder, and three nice affordable pieces of various methodology. I tried dabs twice, wasn’t that impressed for all the hype.”

G.M.M. – “Just less hassle leaving the dabs alone”

G.R. – “Good ol honest joint does me, haven’t dabbed not interested really, why fix what ain’t broken I say”

However, plenty of fans of dabbing from different places in the world are enthusiastic about its future as well as its present!

R.V. – “More like the wave of the future. Even in a medical state like Michigan, not everyone has tried it yet unless they know somebody with a card or access through someone that does.”

K.C. – “No its just the start over here in Ireland never even heard of it before until my good friend gave me 1 love it”

C.T. – “Hell no, it’s here to stay – and expect to see it evolve.”

T.L. – “No, it’s barely started”

What are your thoughts on dabbing? Will it become the primary means of use, or take a place alongside smoking, vaping and edibles as just another way of consuming cannabis? Is it a fad that will pass, or be superseded by another method as yet undreamed of that will be even stronger and more efficient? Let us know in the comments! For now, the last word goes to Facebook user M.A. who sums up the true spirit of cannabis use:

“Getting high is never “a thing of the past” no matter how you do it. … I think it’s a matter of preference, if you like to dab, then dab. If you like edibles, then eat them.. If you want to smoke a joint, then spark a fatty, don’t criticize people over their preferences …”. Well said! At the end of the day, we are a community that should be all about tolerance.

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