Mambo Social Club President receives conditional sentence

Michel Degens

Michel Degens

On the 4th of February 2016 the Belgium Court of Appeal found Michel Degens, President of the Mambo Social Club, guilty of growing cannabis. He received a suspended sentence with probation and was acquitted of a second charge, namely ‘encouraging people to use cannabis’.

Degens (40) is not happy with this ruling. “We had hoped for a full acquittal”, he explains to HNL. “Cannabis Social Clubs are the solution, not the problem. I remain convinced of our model. People do not come into contact with criminals. It can provide solutions to the sick and minors have no access to it.”

The Mambo Social Club bases its activities on a ministerial guideline. It states that cannabis possession up to 3 grams and/or one cannabis plant by an adult for personal use will no longer be prosecuted as of 2005. The Court of Appeal ruled that cannabis possession for someone else’s use will remain punishable, even if it is given away for free. Together with the members and his legal experts, Degens is looking into the next steps in this case.

Read more about the Mambo Social Club court case and check out the Cannabis News Network report to learn more about the Cannabis Social Club model.

Of course, the Sensi Seeds team will keep posted on any further developments.

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