Drug activist Joep Oomen dies at 54

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The international cannabis community is shocked by the news that on Friday, March 18th, 2016 the well-known drug activist Joep Oomen passed away in his home in Antwerp. Oomen was co-founder of several advocacy groups including Encod, Cannabis Social Club ‘Trekt Uw Plant’ in Antwerp and the Union for the Abolition of Cannabis Prohibiton (VOC) in the Netherlands.

At an emotional gathering of Trekt Uw Plant in Antwerp the sad news was communicated to the members of the club. After Oomen failed to show up for a club meeting on Friday, two board members went to his house. They found Oomen dead in his bed. The police conducted an investigation and ruled out a non-natural cause of death. Joep Oomen leaves behind his wife Beatriz, two sons and a grandson.

Joep Oomen’s legacy

In 1993, Joep Oomen was one of the founders of Encod, the European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policies. As Encod coordinator he was the driving force behind a unique coalition of organizations and individuals from almost every European country. In 2006, he founded Trekt Uw Plant (TUP), the first Cannabis Social Club in Belgium. The club operates on the basis of a judicial directive that allows adult Belgians to grow one cannabis plant for personal use.

In his native country the Netherlands, Oomen remained active as well. He organized the Cannabis Tribunal in The Hague and was co-founder of the VOC, the Union for the Abolition of Cannabis Prohibition, which emerged from this first Tribunal. He was a board member of the Legalize! Foundation in Amsterdam and an exemplary debate leader at the monthly VOC meetings, with infinite patience and great diplomatic talent. He used these skills too as treasurer of the Latin American Federation in Antwerp, at the Friends of the Coca Leaf and at Het Klooster (the Convent) in Antwerp, where he organized shelter for the homeless for many years.

The farewell gathering and funeral will take place in Wilrijk, Belgium. A date is not set yet.

Sensi Seeds is very saddened at the news of this great loss. Joep Oomen was an unique man who will be sorely missed. We send out our condolences and love to his family and relatives.

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