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Shiva Shanti 101

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Shiva Shanti is one of the two cannabis strains of our selection to be named after the daughters of Sensi Seeds’ founder, Ben Dronkers. Shiva Shanti and its sibling strain, Shiva Shanti II, were released during the ‘90s, and have gained since then incredible recognition. Bred from the old school Afghani landrace Garlic Bud, that many are still seeking the taste and effect of to this day, Shiva Shanti is not only a Sensi Seeds legacy, but also a dream for any grower!

Cultivating Sensi Seeds’ Shiva Shanti

Shiva Shanti is reputed for being incredibly easy to grow. It is a very resistant and sturdy plant, which allows for some trial and error, and makes it a great option for those who have not dabbled into cannabis growing yet.

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“This strain was my first experience as a grower 15 to 20 years ago […[. One day I got 10 seeds of Sensi Seeds’ Shiva Shanti as a gift, […] and it tolerates beginners’ mistakes very well, a great plant on all aspects!!” – by Amoureux du cannabis libre en Belgique, [x]

If you’d like to experiment with different growing techniques, Shiva Shanti is also a great fit. While this strain can produce plants of average size, but heavy with lush buds, said lush buds can also be obtained by other means, and Shiva Shanti will support whichever choice you make!

“In hydro, it’s a plant that is great to work on; if you have experience, you will have fun with it, and if you are just starting, you can practice on it and still secure a good harvest for yourself. […] I recommend it highly to whoever has time, passion, and love to give to this beautiful strain.” – by Ed, [x]

Shiva Shanti is a homogenous strain, with typical indica traits. In addition to being sturdy and forgiving, it is also resistant to pests and mould, and provides generous harvests. Need more? The odour that emanates from plants during flowering is absolutely controllable !

“Cannabis of excellent quality, its flowering period is bountiful, and short. […] With proper care, your harvest will be more than surprising.” – by Ed #2, [x]

Really, for Shiva Shanti to be an easier challenge, it would have to grow itself! … or it would have to be its sibling, Shiva Shanti II, which is even more of a walk in the park for the anxious beginner.

Tasting Sensi Seeds’ Shiva Shanti

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Our beautiful Shiva Shantis are very appreciated for their taste, and not only for their respective uniqueness. Indeed, many a cannabis enthusiast seeks after the taste of the legendary parent of our twin strains, the surprising Garlic Bud. If your main objective is to experience the tastes of raw garlic typical of this famed relative, topped with an irresistible, warm, honeyed flavour, then seek no more. Shiva Shanti – the first – will bring your taste buds right where you want them.

“A friend and I shared a packet of Shiva Shanti after hearing another friend wax poetic about an ‘unforgettable strain’, the Garlic Bud. […] Would highly recommend to any indica lover, of any skill set. The results were frosty, tasty flowers, […] and a highly tranquil, relaxed stone, not at all debilitating.” – by Seth grey, [x]

Shiva Shanti is considered a potent strain, with a deep, relaxing high, making it powerful but not paralysing, a combo much appreciated by all regular and/or daily consumers!

“Surprising, with its very gentle taste and its very calm build-ups, not for those who only like hammer-like effects. However, it is one of the best strains for relaxation, and of course to wind up and calm your nerves at the end of the day. Should be prescribed by Social Security ;-)” – by Grass75, [x]

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