Cannabis strain focus: Northern Lights® from Sensi Seeds

Northern Lights 101

Cannabis Strain Focus - Northern Lights

For decades and decades, Northern Lights® has been considered one of the most important strains in cannabis history. Shiva Skunk, Silver Haze … many modern cannabis hybrids are based on Northern Lights® genetics. Needless to say, the classic strain continues to captivate cannabis aficionados the world over! And with reason: a beginner-friendly variety, Northern Lights® produces generous, luscious plants covered with resin from stem to peaks!

Cultivating Sensi Seeds’ Northern Lights®

Growing cannabis plants from Northern Lights® seeds is an absolute pleasure. Not only are they very resilient, resisting beginner’s mistakes and temperature changes – making them suitable for any type of weather – they also require very little maintenance.

“Northern Lights is among the best cannabis strains producing plants of medium height that I have grown. Very adapted to the Caribbean climate, I absolutely recommend it for an outdoor grow.” – by timeless, [x]

Northern Lights 1 by Edyta Nowacka wm
© Edyta Nowacka,

Still, Northern Lights® plants are not exactly the most compact, but they are still compact enough to accommodate a large array of indoor growing spaces. Regardless, they will be generous; make sure you have many, many jars to accommodate your harvest.

“One of the best varieties ever. The growth can be perfectly controlled, which makes it great for very low ceilings. […] In addition, Northern Lights is relatively resistant to mould and over-fertilization. All in all a perfect strain for beginners as well as experienced growers.” – by Dr. Hempton, [x]

“To make it short … I love Northern Lights! I treated myself to it, and it didn’t let me down. After careful selection I decided to go for Sea of Green. Triggered her flowering period when she was 20 cm tall. […] A timeless classic from Sensi Seeds for the typical Indica lover.” – by Mustapha-Ibrahym, [x]

Its buds are also heavy, compact, and fluffy; in other words, textbook cases of the very sought after “nuggets” growers of all persuasions adore! And cherry on the cake: the amount of resin simply won’t stop increasing until it’s time to harvest.

“I’ve grown this cannabis strain for two seasons now, and I am charmed. Buds sparkle with hundreds of trichomes, from the first stages of the blooming period.” – by Thib, [x]

One thing that experienced growers appreciate is the fact that Northern Lights® buds, while still providing an unforgettable olfactory experience when consumed, are very stealth as far as smell goes. A true gift for those who appreciate a discreet growing operation!

Tasting Sensi Seeds’ Northern Lights

Northern Lights by Juanete (Juan)(2) wm
© Juanete,

Many say that Northern Lights® buds taste just like they smell; that is, not in terms of intensity, since Northern Lights is quite the ninja plant. Depending on who you ask, you might hear the words “hot-amber”, “honey-musk”, “sweet but earthy” … but one thing is sure: Northern Lights is a perfect balance between sweet and spicy. Sugar and spice, if you will!

“It is very difficult to describe what you feel like when you take a bud full of resin and put it in the grinder and see how it sticks to the walls. And when you open it out and look at it all compact and engorged with rich resin… ummmmm.” – by Soy un cultivador, [x]

A Northern Lights® high is definitely a relaxing one, which will take over your body and soothe every single one of your muscles. Your mind won’t be left out, mixing up feelings of euphoria and perfect harmony. Depending on when you consume it, Northern Lights can be a great way to peacefully fall asleep, or have a serene, albeit insightful conversation with friends.

“Where to begin?? Well is it the great taste? The smooth smoke? Or simply that it brings back the image of what the perfect high would be like … a sweet tangy taste, the smell of pine, and a mix of spices. One of those legendary highs that keep you wanting more!” – by Joe, [x]

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