Cannabis Strain Focus: Guerrilla’s Gusto® from Sensi Seeds

Guerrilla’s Gusto 101


If we had to choose only one statement to describe Guerrilla’s Gusto, it would be that it lives up to its name! Of course, there’s the “Gusto” part: this mightily powerful strain surely has some spunk. But the “Guerrilla” part is definitely what conquers the hearts of our community of growers. Developed and tested in Spain, Guerrilla’s Gusto is our Outdoor Queen – maybe even our Outdoor Empress. Its unmatched resilience makes it the perfect candidate for beginners, or for the urban adventurer who enjoys the “plant and let grow” philosophy.

Cultivating Sensi Seeds’ Guerrilla’s Gusto®

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Saying that Guerrilla’s Gusto is a tough cookie would be an understatement. Originally created from cannabis strains originating from North and South India, the variety, brought to Amsterdam by a Sensi Seeds fan, was hardened up with the addition of Skunk genes. Cannabis genetics enthusiasts know it: nothing better than some Skunk vigour to turn a strong plant into an invincible one.

 “My first grow was Guerrilla’s Gusto. Outdoors, lack of sunshine, a too small pot … in short, a first time grow. Well, I boosted the curing part and … the weed is SO strong! […] A plant that is always happy and vigorous.” – by Zoboneth, [x]

Guerrilla’s Gusto plants, despite their strong indica heritage, have a tendency to grow very tall, especially when given an adequate-to-over-the-top amount of space. Outdoor growers who do not benefit from the most sun-kissed environments will still benefit from quite the harvest, in terms of quantity, as well as quality.

“Inhabitants of humid, cold, and not too sunny regions: this strain will surprise you. In 50L pots, if grown with love, they will give you ladies 2m high, and with very dense buds! Discreet, they will blend into their wooded surroundings. You will not regret it ?” – by Skunk, [x]

“Monstrous. A ginormous chick who blended in with nearby shrubs in London, and had an amazing high yield.” – by Sebastian, [x]

The community’s verdict is clear: Guerrilla’s Gusto is your go-to strain when it comes to high performance with so little maintenance you might as well just watch it grow. And for those who have experience in indoor growing, the uber-robust strain does not disappoint either.

“The plants grew splendidly and were HUGE! I was sceptical at first because I grew indoors, but the yield was huge! Around 50g per plant!” – by Hbcemt, [x]

Tasting Sensi Seeds’ Guerrilla’s Gusto

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Guerilla’s Gusto is considered quite the treat by informed consumers of quality cannabis. An irresistible mix of musky and earthy, with a fresh, sweet top note, courtesy of the Skunk component of its genetics, it satisfies just about anyone who enjoys genuine, retro tastes.

“A real unique sticky feel to the buds, an old school flavour … I like strains like this, a real weed.” – by Ron-T, [x]

Guerrilla’s Gusto effects are very much your typical indica journey: a deep, relaxing stone that can last several hours. A true delight for indica lovers looking for the perfect old school experience!

… and an all-round pleasure to handle:

“Easy to manicure, with very low leaf to flower ratio, an old school taste and high… Make sure there is plenty of food in the fridge!” – by Ricky, [x]

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