Cannabis Strain Focus: First Lady from Sensi Seeds

First Lady 101


First Lady is quite a special strain from the Sensi Seeds selection. We’ll admit it shamelessly, we often take time to boast about each one of our other old school varieties. First Lady, on the other hand, has a tendency to stay out of the limelight, but unjustifiably so, as it is most definitely among the strains that make us the proudest. Its taste, effects, and growing patterns are considered close to ideal by countless growers. Its parentage, descended from Afghani and Pakistani cultivars, makes for quite the experience, worthy of vintage cannabis from these regions.

Cultivating Sensi Seeds’ First Lady

First Lady is truly a gift for your grow room! Or for your outdoor garden; even though it is typically grown indoors, the strain still thrives effortlessly out in the open air.
Due to its flawless ancestry, First Lady is strong enough to weather beginners’ mistakes. And for the distracted gardener, it can deliver good results even if benefitting only from the strict minimum in terms of care and maintenance.

Cannabis Strain Focus First Lady from Sensi Seeds

“First Lady is a naturally tough robust plant with a healthy resilience to pests or other inhospitable garden conditions. This robustness combined with the fast finish makes it satisfying for beginners.” – by [x]

Resilience is not the only quality that comes with First Lady’s genetics. The strain is reputed for its extreme amount of resin – making it a desirable option for hashish – as well as for the quality and density of its buds. As an added bonus, you will collect plenty of these enchanting buds! First Lady has a habit of being very generous with its harvests.

“First Lady cannabis produces some really heavy buds that are dense and compact and very sticky. The buds give off a dank, earthy aroma that will let the indica lover know of the good things to come.” – by [x]

Cultivators seeking for their favourite grow usually stick to First Lady seeds once they have tried them. Between the resin production, harvest and purity of genetics, it is a hard strain to replace. Plus, it has a knack for adapting to any type of setting; many a grower have tried their hands at growing it in SoG, with absolute success.

“I have to say that the variety that most amazes me every year is First Lady. After five years cultivating it outdoors, I can say it is if not the best, then one of the best. Massive production, up to two kilos per plant. […] It is a very homogeneous hybrid and it always develops the same phenotype, which allows you to go into the details of how you cultivate it, and compare different parameters. This is the first year I added it to my indoor grows, and I can already say it is exquisite. […] I can say categorically that it is a magnificent plant for all methods of cultivations.” – by ovejita, [x]

Cannabis Strain Focus First Lady from Sensi Seeds

Tasting Sensi Seeds’ First Lady

There is not much debate in regards to what First Lady tastes like: fruity.

“For those of you who like it: a very fruity taste.” – by nek fou, [x]

Very fruity indeed! Some have complemented this description, detecting honey, exotic fruits, or sweet spices. Evidently, First Lady is that kind of strain that manages to elude one’s taste buds, despite its seemingly classic properties!

“A tremendous amount of flavours for you to discover depending on how long you grow it and how you cure it. A slight, assuredly sweet, ‘baked apple’ sort of taste.” – by sideattack, [x]

In terms of effects, First Lady delivers the full indica experience: expect a strong body stone mixed up with soothing relaxation, and a non-excessive, non-invasive feeling of happiness. Do not expect a fit of giggles, or a couchlock effect. First Lady is quite the subtle entertainer.


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