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Afghani #1 Sensi Seeds Blog

An easy way to define Afghani #1 would be to believe in the hype its name conveys. Bred from Sensi Seeds’ most precious Afghani cultivars, this strain is perfect for those who are looking for the boldest traits usually found in Afghanica varieties, but would prefer to grow with ease and enjoyment. Aficionados fascinated by the Afghan cannabis genotype, seek no more: Afghani #1 will transport you places!

Cultivating Sensi Seeds’ Afghani #1

Growers of all levels of experience have enjoyed growing Afghani #1 for decades. Indeed, this strain is simply a dream: easy to grow, very resistant, and quick to please! With its 45-55 days of flowering, it will impress you before you can say … “Afghani #1 really is #1!”

“Easy to grow with an abundant flowering period. I would recommend it to beginners, but it could be even more diabolical in expert hands! Do not hesitate, don’t wait.” – by david79, [x]

Frankly, there is not much to say about growing Afghani #1. It just is so simple and straightforward! Its plants always display perfect, typical indica features. This makes this bold, authentic Sensi Seeds strain a perfect choice for growing techniques that require small but stocky plants.

“This is one of the best ever strains. Easy, fast strong grow, mite resistant, fat long colas with little side branching, perfect for sea of green and all hydro indoor systems.” – by Smiles, [x]

“An impressive growth using aeroponics!” – by Julien, [x]

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As you may guess from the above, Afghani #1 is also capable of giving its best as far as height, density and size of harvests go. Just pick your growing medium and tailor it to your liking!

For those who like an entertaining crop, these plants are both an olfactory and a visual pleasure! For one, the plants are stunning – what else to expect from such a genuine classic. And if you appreciate getting a whiff of your produce upon entering a room, Afghani #1 is most definitely your girl.

“Very resinous, a fragrance that is nice, as well as properly strong, after 2,5 weeks of growing it. Very interesting, I liked it a lot.” – by John, [x]

Tasting Sensi Seeds’ Afghani #1

Afghani #1, unsurprisingly, is very appreciated by old-school cannabis consumers, or whoever is fond of reminiscing, and of classic tastes. Expect bold earthiness, with a hint of fruits, and pepper. And of course, if you are familiar with Afghanicas, do expect to be transported in time, back to your first experiences of hashish!

“A lovely indica strain and a must for any connoisseur […]. Very similar high to my favourite [kinds of hashish] from the Pakistan/Afghani regions, mellow, narcotic relaxation with a great sense of wellbeing.” – by Steve, [x]

The high provided is long lasting, which makes it perfect for medicinal users looking for pain relief, as well as for recreational consumers looking for a nice evening of couch-bound fun.

“I really loved the narcotic stone [from Afghani #1 by Sensi Seeds], and it had a really fruity flavour; one of the best varieties I’ve ever smoked to be honest.” – by bringcannabisback, [x]

Buy Afghani #1 seeds here.

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