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Recently, Sensi Seeds published an article about cannabis during pregnancy and childbirth. Today, we’d like to present our readership with opinions in regards to the subject. What do you think about cannabis consumption while pregnant or during labor? Come take a look at what others say, and please share your opinion with us as well.

Cannabis during pregnancy and childbirth – a collection of different quotes

I had very bad morning sickness the first 7 months and smoking was the only thing that helped. I lost 8 pounds during the second month of pregnancy and weighed 104lbs… Smoking helped me gain all my weight back and now I’m a healthy 135 lbs and 36 wks pregnant. – LittleTAC comments on [x]

I don’t think that someone should smoke while pregnant! – Ashley Brooke comments on [x]

During early contractions the pain was lessened, and also I felt calmer. This was especially relevant the first time I gave birth, since I was understandably nervous about the whole experience. I took small tokes between contractions. When the contractions became closer together, the midwife advised me to stop, since as I was smoking with (a very small amount of) tobacco, the tobacco – not the hash – could have slowed the contractions again. – Anonymous

I suffered from HG, and pot saved our lives. – Amyddddd comments on [x]

When the midwife is able to create a safe psychic space, marijuana allows the birthing woman to feel that and partake of it, no matter how frightened she may be. When the midwife is able to hold a safe physical safe, marijuana allows the birthing woman to trust her body and flow with it. When the midwife is able to open her heart to the birthing mom and baby, marijuana allows them both to share that space with her. – Susun Weed says on [x]

As a result of this latest battle with HG and being unable to use the only medicine that truly works, I have decided enough is enough! I plan to become an outspoken advocate for medical cannabis. No one should have to suffer as I do. There is a safe and effective treatment out there and there is no reason that paranoia and antiquated thinking should stand in any patient’s way. – SportyCourty writes on [x]

So they will give women Marinol for morning sickness, but not the herb itself? I think if taken as a herb fresh, you should get similar effects of relief without the crazy price tag, but that’s just#MyOpinion – Casa Del Loki!~XD comments on [x]

And we used cannabis some of the time. Cannabis is a relaxant and helps women laugh. That helps enormously.– Ina May Gaskin on [x]

What works for some might not work for others. The medical field will hopefully weigh in and enlighten the public on this topic in the near future. – Jess Ross writes as a final sentence of his article on [x]

In summary, prenatal marijuana exposure does have negative consequences on both the mother and child. This impact should be known so that expectant mothers can make informed choices about how to treat their morning sickness and ultimately care for the future of their children. – Pamela McColl writes on [x]

Even some of the most well-known birth visionaries have found judicious use of marijuana during labor to be one of our most important allies. – Susun Weed says on [x]

Cannabis has been used for thousands of years to soften labor pain; we know this from archeological findings. We considered it safe, and when we were hippies, we were accustomed to using it. I haven’t seen any negative effects from its use during labor and birth. It works in all kinds of forms, by the way. You can even put some tincture on your skin. – Ina May Gaskin on [x]

Cannabis during pregnancy and childbirth – your opinion please!

Do you agree or disagree with the comments above? What are your thoughts on using cannabis while pregnant and/or during labor? Are you for, or against it? Let us know what your point of view is. You can do so by commenting on this post in the section below.

To a fair, respectful debate!

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