Strychnos nux vomica – Poison nut, strychnine tree


The poison nut is a tree, that grows in Southeast Asia and Australia.

Use: 1–5 mg of pure strychnine, maximum daily dose 10 mg.

Active constituents: Strychnine.

Effects: In small doses strychnine acts as a stimulant; it improves the sensorial abilities, most of all the sense of smell and the color vision.

Side effects: Strychnine is an extremely poisonous indole alkaloid, it was once a preferred poison used against rats and occasionally for murder. Thus, it must be taken only in its standardized form, but under no circumstances in the form of natural plant-parts. In case of overdoses, death by respiratory standstill is very possible.

Suppliers: Strychnine is only available in pharmacies on prescription. Seeds in the exotic plants trade.

Miscellaneous: The prescription of strychnine as a stimulant was not rare before, but in our days it is out of fashion.

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