Sophora secundiflora – Texas mountain laurel


What was used is the red bean of an ever-green shrub of Mexico and Texas. The beans were, just like the beans of another category of poisonous plants (see also erythrina) termed as colorines. The term mescal beans also occurs.

Use: One bean or less was roasted over fire until it became yellow, finely ground, chewed and swallowed.

Active constituents: Cytisine.

Effects: Vomiting, feeling of being poisoned, extreme sleepiness, hallucinations, sexual arousal.

Side effects: Poisonous. It is strongly advised against the use of it, particularly because of the risk of confusion with other lethally toxic seeds that are also called colorines and look alike. Even the Indians that once used it, use now during their rituals the mescaline containing peyote-cactus instead.

Suppliers: Seeds in exotic plants trade.

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