Rauwolfia serpentina – Indian snakeroot

The Snakeroot is an Indian shrub. Its roots have been medically used for a long time. Mahatma Gandhi drank daily a cup of snakeroot-tea. German natural health professionals valued this drug to treat high blood pressure and states of fear and tension because of its safe effect with usually rarely occurring side effects. In the seventies Rauwolfia was classified as a prescription drug; it is probably not too far from the reality to suspect an unholy alliance of representatives of the medical profession, pharmaceutical companies und federal health office behind this act. Because doctors very rarely prescribe this medicine, patients are now denied an effective, affordable and comparatively harmless medicament. India, a developing country, lost exports, sales of the pharmaceutical multinational companies increased.

Use: 50–150 mg of the roots are chewed and swallowed. A tea can also be prepared from the root.

Active constituents: Reserpine, yohimbine, serpentine.

Effects: Reliably decreases blood pressure, acts relaxing and improves the mood. The effects take place delayed and last for several days. It is used by Indian holy men to improve their meditation and lowers the aggressiveness of animals and mentally impaired patients.

Side effects: Blocked nose, diarrhea and circulatory disorders are possible with high dosages. Long-term use can cause depressions.

Suppliers: You can have this drug prescribed by your doctor. Seeds and dried roots still offered in the internet, though some searching is required.

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