Psychotria viridis – Chacruna

A tropical, coffee-like shrub from the Amazonian lowlands, which is widely cultivated in South America, Hawaii and California as a result of the spreading of the Daime-cult.

Use: For millennia the Chacruna-leaves are used in Amazonia as an ingredient for the preparation of the legendary ayahuasca- or yage-potion. The preparation is basically performed similar to the combination of Banisteria caapi and Diplopterys cabrerana. Since Chacruna-leaves contain a lower percentage of active constituents than Chagropanga, a double or triple amount of Chacruna-leaves is necessary. In the case of Psychotria viridis it seems that only a potion made from fresh leaves is effective as the active substances are decomposing very fast during the drying process and storing of dried leaves.

Active constituents: The leaves contain about 0,3 % N,N-DMT.

Effects: Like all plant parts, that contain N,N-DMT as their main constituent, the leaves are only orally effective when combined with plants that contain harmala-alkaloids. The effects are very similar to those that were described in the section Diplopterys cabrerana when it is used in combination with liana pieces of Banisteria caapi.

Side effects: The side effects correspond to those that were already listed in the section Diplopterys cabrerana.

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