Psilocybe mexicana – Teonanàcatl



Psilocybe mexicana became known because of its ceremonial use by Mexican shamans. In ancient  Mexico and Guatemala Aztec and Maya priests used these holy fungi in order to determine the will of the gods during visions. Psilocybe mexicana can be, just like Psilocybe (Stropharia) cubensis, grown in a laboratory. Particularly interesting is the ability of Psilocybe mexicana to form sclerotia under the right circumstances: These are strongly psychoactive, massive, hard underground compact forms of fungal mycelium. Besides Psilocybe mexicana there exist numerous other foreign Psilocybe-species; last but not least “magic mushrooms” from Bali and Thailand became renowned.

Use: 4–20 fresh or dried mushrooms are eaten on an empty stomach.

Please see miscellaneous, warning and suppliers sections above in “Psilocybin containing mushrooms – general facts”.

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