Petroselinum crispum – Parsley


The well-known spice plant.

Use: The oil, that is obtained from the seeds, is taken.

Active constituents: Apiol, myristicin.

Effects: Slight stimulation, later inebriating and eventually slightly hallucinogenic.

Side effects: A dose, which has a psychotropic effect, damages the liver, the kidneys and strongly irritates the gastrointestinal system. Therefore it is advised against its use. Parsley oil should not be taken under any circumstances during pregnancy. The use of parsley in normal amounts as a spice is harmless.

Suppliers: Herbal stores. Seeds in seed stores.

Miscellaneous: Compare to Myristica fragrans; the effects mentioned in the nutmeg section should largely be applicable to parsley; however, the toxicity of parsley oil is higher due to the apiol content. The data that is presented here under effects and side effects is similarly applicable to estragole, which is contained in fennel (Foeniculum vulgare).

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