Passiflora incarnata – Passion flower



The passion flower is a vine, that is native to the West Indies. It is cultivated worldwide as an ornamental plant because of its extraordinarily beautiful and interesting flowers.

Use: It may be smoked or prepared as a tea (15 g for every half liter of boiling water). It is also possible to prepare an alcoholic extract.

Active constituents: Harmine and related compounds. The alkaloid content amounts to about 1 g per kilo of the dry matter. Since harmine is not readily soluble in water, it is necessary to cook longer, which is best done with the addition of a bit of lemon juice.

Effects: When smoked a short-lasting and mild marijuana-like euphoria (“high”) might develop. The tea acts mood enhancing and sedative; hence, Passiflora has long been used as a medicinal plant. Harmine acts hallucinogenic starting from doses of 250–500 mg. Lower amounts, around 25–50 mg, act slightly euphoriant and stimulating at the beginning, later on sleepiness takes place and the following sleep is described to be accompanied by intensive dreams. Moderate doses of harmine enhance by inhibition of MAO the effects of other hallucinogens (e. g. psilocybin) or render them possible (DMT, oral). Other combinations (especially the combination of mescaline with harmine were considered life-threatening; however this is today no longer undisputed.

Side effects: Some substances in an alcoholic extract can bring forth nausea. Harmine is a MAO-inhibitor. MAO-inhibitors in combination with other substances can develop hazardous effects. Further information is found in the section MAO-inhibitors.

Suppliers: Dried herbs in herbal stores, seeds are available from seeds stores and in the ethnobotanical trade.

Miscellaneous: A short report about the use of the passion flower is found in the second part of this book as well as a report about the combined effects of DMT and harmine. Read also the corresponding sections about Banisteria caapi, Peganum harmala, ayahuasca.

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