Oncidium cebolleta (O. longifolium) – Oncidium



An orchid that grows in tropical and subtropical parts of America and in the Caribbean. In Europe, it is already cultivated for a long time. It has beautiful yellow-brown spotted flowers.

Active constituents: Various phenantrenes were found; a psychoactive effect of the found substances, however, is not known.

Use: The very fresh leaves are crushed by the Tarahumara, mixed with water and taken. The exact dose is unknown.

Effects: Supposedly hallucinogenic and used by the tarahumara as a peyote-substitute.

Side effects: Unknown. Hence, caution is advised.

Suppliers: Nurseries for orchids.

Others: I owe the hint to this plant the world-traveler in terms of hemp, Stefan Haag: „An orchid-lover that I met on one of my journeys told me that this orchid is psychoactive, but didn’t know about the way of consumption or the substances. One thing is for sure: The plant is legal and can be bought without any problems in the orchid trade.


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