Nepeta cataria – Catnip




The catmint, in the family of the lamiaceae, grows in Europe, Asia and Africa. The smell of this plant acts irresistibly on cats.

Use: The leaves are smoked by themselves or mixed with an equal amount of tobacco. The extract can also be sprayed on tobacco or other smokable substances. A tea made from catmint, especially combined with damiana, can also be drank. (2 tablespoons of fresh catmint, 2 tablespoons damiana, brewed with 1/4 l boiling water, let steep for 5 minutes.)

Nepeta cataria, leave

Catnip, seeds



Nepeta cataria, conc.

Nepeta cataria, conc.


Active constituents: Nepetalactone, metatabilacetone.

Effects: Over and again there are reports of a mild, marijuana-like euphoria. In the form of a tea, damiana mixed with much fresh catmint, I can verify a barely noticeable euphoric effect that lasts about an hour. Smoking catmint alone didn’t cause any effects in my case that are worth mentioning.



Actinidin, (S)-4,7-Dimethyl-6,7-dihydro- 5H-cyclopenta[c


Side effects: No side effects are known; tobacco is harmful to your health and very addicting.

Suppliers: Seeds in seeds stores, dried herb in herbal and ethnobotanical stores.





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