Myristica fragrans – Nutmeg



The nutmeg happens to be a seed of a tropical evergreen tree, which occurs in the West and East Indies. Nutmeg used to be one of the most important world trade goods, especially during the 15th and 16th century.

Use: 5–10 grams of ground nutmeg are taken. Freshly ground it is the most effective. Nutmeg acts very different among individuals; hence one should begin with low doses. Nuts from different sources vary in their content of active substances. Therefore, caution is advised when changing to Nutmeg from  another source.

Active constituents: Myristicin, elemicin, safrole and others.

Effects: The real effect takes place after one to five hours. It can come to dryness of the mouth, reddening of the skin, incoherent talking, and uncoordinated movements. The next to take place is a phase of relaxation, then numbness, but inability to sleep, euphoria and dream-like states while being half asleep. The whole inebriation lasts about 12 hours, followed by 24 hours of sleepiness and sleep. Real hallucinations do not take place under influence of the usual doses up to 10 grams. Higher doses are compared with the effects of hashish. If one compares the experience reports about the intake of different plants, then nutmeg shows the largest variety of symptoms. It reaches from no effects up to heavy intoxication but also to a serious feeling of being intoxicated, together with anxiety.



Side efffects: During the first 45 minutes possibly nausea and heart complaints. It can temporarily cause constipation and urinary retention. Safrol is carcinogenic and damages the liver. Occasionally distinct symptoms of poisoning occur. Nutmeg can, in combination with MAO-inhibitors, cause symptoms of intolerance. In small doses, when used as seasoning, Nutmeg is harmless. It is advised against its use as a hallucinogen.

Suppliers: Groceries, spice stores.

Miscellaneous: Reports of the effects of nutmeg are found in the second part of this book. Some fool of the Commission for Narcotic Drugs of the United Nations seriously wanted that nutmeg, because of its effects, should be included in the list of the hallucinogenics which are to be prohibited. Just so much about government and (UN-)drug “experts”.

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