Mondia whitei – Mondi, White’s Ginger



A liana that occurs widespread in West, Central and South Africa, with large deep-green leaves and white juice. The root has a strong aromatic smell, that reminds of woodruff.

Use: Preparations, that make use of different plant parts (roots, flowers, leaves) are used in the whole area of its habitat against various diseases. Most of all, the root has an exceptionally high credit as an aphrodisiac in West- and Central Africa. It is the most popular bitters-plant. (“Bitters” are alcoholic extracts made from roots, bark and fruit). To produce a bitter, about 100 g of the root are soaked in 0.35 liters of 40-percent alcohol (for example vodka). The extraction can be done up to seven times with the same plant-parts, whereby the time of extraction is extended with each extraction. The first batch is left to stand only for some hours; the last can take up to several days. That way, around 2,5 liter bitters  can be obtained from 100 grams of the roots. 2 g ginger and 4 g of tigernut can be added to the mondia-root for refinement.

Active constituents: Glycosides and alkaloids, that, so far, were not yet thoroughly studied, are found most of all in the root. 1.2 % of a yellow liquid with a strong coumarin-odor was also found in the root.

Effects: The alcoholic bitters-extract from the root acts in low doses (10 to 20 ml) stimulating, activating and euphoriant. Higher dosages act heavily stimulating on the senses/perception: The sight becomes clearer, all contours seem sharply contrasted. Hearing is also much intensified. The effect has at that time almost hallucinogenic aspects. The root-extract shows additionally generally tonifying and aphrodisiac  properties.

Side effects: Similar to woodruff (Galium odoratum). See the corresponding section.

Suppliers: Seeds in the botanical trade.

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