Juniperus macropoda – Pashthani juniper



Juniperus macropoda is a species of juniper found in the northwestern Himalaya.

Use: The people living around its native habitat place the leaves and twigs on smoldering charcoal and inhale the smoke below a blanket.

Active constituents: Norpseudoephedrine, a substance that is also present in Kath.

Effects: Stimulating, enhanced mental clarity and performance, which can at the end turn into sleepiness, sleep or depressions. Increased respiratory rate and pulse beat.

Side Effects: Can lead in the beginning to dizziness, gastric complaints, lassitude, depressions and reduced cardiac performance. Excessive use can lead to heart diseases, loss of appetite, reduced sexual drive, delirium.

Suppliers: The plant is offered as incense in specialized stores.

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