Humulus lupulus – Common hop



Hop is a perennial vine. Partially the effects of beer can be traced back to hops, the flowers of the hop vine. Besides that, hops plays a large role as a traditional medicinal plant in cases of nervous conditions and sleeplessness.

Use: Used are the flaky, dried infructescences. These can be smoked, extracted with alcohol, or prepared as a tea.

Active constituents: Lupuline.

Effects: Sedating. If smoked it causes supposedly a mild, marijuana-like euphoria with a relaxing component.

Side Effects: Excessive, long-lasting use leads occasionally to dizziness.

Experience report: Smoking of as much dried hops as a double sized, self-rolled cigarette (Joint) contains, caused in my case aside from a slight dizziness, that lasted for about an hour, no farther effects. A cup of the very bitter tea, made from hops, causes in my case, depending on the situation, relaxation up to slight sleepiness.

Suppliers: Seeds in seeds stores, dried hops in herbal stores.

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