Heimia salicifolia – Sinicuichi



A plant with pretty yellow flowers, that occurs all over South America, from Mexico to Argentina. Once  a sacred plant of the Aztecs. Can be grown from seeds.

Use: The Indians let the picked leaves wilt slightly, grind them, mix the mush with a bit of water, let the mixture ferment for one day in the warmth, if possible in the sun, and then drink it. If fresh leaves are not available, than the dried leaves are soaked in hot water, and also left to stand in the sun for a day before the mixture can be drunk. Ten grams of the dried or of a corresponding amount of the fresh leaves are used as a starting dose.

Active constituents: Cryogenine.

Effects: A pleasant lassitude, relaxation of the muscles, slowing of the heart beat, widening of the coronary arteries, slight decrease in blood pressure, slight dizziness, feeling of being inebriated, darkening of vision, hallucinations of the hearing sense (sounds appear more distant) and improved function of the memory.

Side Effects: No hangover or other unwanted side effects. Excessive use can tone the sight yellow on the next day. Continuous excessive use can impair the memory.

Suppliers: Seeds and plants in garden centers, dried herb in ethnobotanical stores.

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