Global Medical Cannabis Summit Dublin 2016: Report & Interviews

The Summit was hosted by Volteface and Help not Harm, and sponsored by Tilray and Leafly. According to Volteface, it was ‘the largest medical cannabis conference ever held in the British Isles’.

Speakers included politicians, scientists, activists and patient groups from around the globe.

In addition to showing an overview of the event, the Cannabis News Network team  also interviewed Tim Colbourne (Director of Policy at Open Reason), Tjalling Erkelens (CEO of Bedrocan Netherlands), Dr Arno Hazekamp (independent cannabis scientist from the Netherlands), Dr Ognjen Brborovic (Chairman of the Croatian Committee for Medical Cannabis), Dr Ingo Michels (Head of the German Office of the Federal Drug Commission) and Charlo Greene (US activist).

This report is the first out of 6 episodes that Cannabis News Network put together from the Global Medical Cannabis Summit in Dublin. In part 2 of the miniseries, viewers will get to know Tom Curran. He tells the story of his wife, Marie Fleming, who suffered from Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and passed away 3 years ago. After Marie died, Tom came forward advocating for medical cannabis.

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