Coryphanta macromeris – Dona ana, Nipple beehive cactus




A small spiky cactus from Northern Mexico and Southern Texas, that is used in Mexican folk medicine. The cactus grows in large clusters of several single plants.

Use: The spikes are removed and 8–12 of fresh or dried cacti are taken on an empty stomach. They can either be chewed, or one can hackle the cacti, mix them with  water and strain after about an hour.

Active constituents: Macromerines of about 1/5 of the strength of mescaline.

Effects: Hallucinogenic up to a mescaline-like effect. Macromerine is usually not covered, unlike mescaline, by the various narcotics laws. A report about mescaline effects is found in the second part, after a general section about hallucinogens.

Side Effects: As a precaution, it should not be taken in high doses together with MAO-inhibitors. Otherwise, there are no side effects known.

Suppliers: Seeds and plants are available in the cactus trade.

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