Corynanthe yohimbe – Yohimbe tree



A tree of West Africa, for a long time been used there as an aphrodisiac.

Use: Let 1–2 tablespoons of the cut bark lightly cook in half a liter of water, strain and drink the brew slowly. If the bark is ground, around 2–3 full teaspoons are usually already enough. The addition of one gram of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) per cup causes the effect to take place faster and stronger. Unfortunately the substance content of the drug varies strongly; there are batches, wherein 2–3 tablespoons are distinctly effective, but also others, wherein a handful is necessary. It is strongly advised to carefully determine first one’s individual tolerance with lower dosages. Before the intake it is important to avoid coffee, champagne, wine, beer or filling dishes. To have an appropriate diet for 6 to 8 hours before the intake farther improves one’s tolerance. Ignoring this recommended diet can lead to discomfort, strong nausea and vomiting.

Active constituents: Yohimbine.




Effects: First effects occur after half an hour, if mixed with ascorbic acid after a quarter of an hour. Warm, pleasant shudder in the region of the spinal cord, stimulation, sexual arousal, slight changes in perception, but no hallucinations, sometimes spontaneous erections. Sexual activities feel particularly good. Not rarely a feeling that the bodies melt into one another occurs. Duration: Around 2 to 4 hours. Afterwards a pleasant, relaxed feeling.

Yohimbe bark


Side Effects: The tea tastes extremely bad. Unpleasant symptoms of varying degrees were reported to me repeatedly; not rarely were they so distinct, that pleasant effects were no longer experienced; most often nausea and circulatory disorder, that can be rather strong. As for the cause, individual intolerance of yohimbe, but more often overdoses come into consideration.

Suppliers: Ethnobotanical stores, but becoming more and more difficult to find.

Others: The various remedies, that are offered online or by sex shops, and claim to contain yohimbine, contain it in so little amounts, that any effect is virtually impossible.

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