Coffea arabica – Coffee



The coffee shrub, presumably a native of North Africa, is now cultivated in most tropical countries in plantations. Coffee is one of the most important goods of the world market. Well-known producers of coffee are Brazil, Columbia, Kenya and Nicaragua.

Use: The seeds of the coffee shrub are separated from the fruit pulp, dried and roasted.

Active constituents: Up to 2.7 percent caffeine, additionally theophylline.

Effects: Improves the cardiac performance, increases heart rate and blood pressure, widens the blood vessels of the brain, acts mentally and physically stimulating.

Side Effects: A longer, high-dosed intake can lead to nervousness, sleep disorders, cardiovascular disorders and habituation. Similar, but stronger symptoms take place during overdoses, added to that  are attacks of fear and panic attacks. At high doses an adverse effect can occur: more sleepiness. The irritants in coffee can lead to gastric ulcer.

Suppliers: Available almost everywhere. Those who have the possibility should prioritize fair trade coffee. Coffee plants are available in garden centers.

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