Catherine Hiller said yes to cannabis, 50 years ago

Catherine Hiller said yes to cannabis - Sensi Seeds blog

“I wanted to show people that smoking marijuana did not make me hit rock bottom. My story is the story of so many people who use each day. And so what? What’s the issue? What will it lead to?”

Catherine Hiller is the daughter of an activist, a woman, mother, best-selling author and, for 50 years, a cannabis user. With her newest book “Just Say Yes: A Marijuana Memoir” this 68-year old author and New York resident hopes to contribute to the legalisation of cannabis.  She also dearly hopes to show the world that there is nothing stopping a daily cannabis user from having a successful career.

Who is Catherine Hiller?

Catherine grew up in New York, attended Brooklyn College and received her doctorate from Brown University.

Catherine Hiller is an author in heart and soul. She began keeping diaries at the age of 10 and she has penned works of fiction such as “An Old Friend from High School”, “17 Morton Street”, “California Time”, “Cybill in Between” and “The Adventures of Sid Sawyer”. Catherine Hiller also has a number of children’s books to her name and was the co-producer of the documentaries “Do Not Enter: The Visa War Against Ideas” and “Paul Bowles: The Complete Outsider”.

She is also a daily cannabis user, but she has neither become addicted nor landed in the poorhouse. No, like many others, she leads a normal life and this is the theme of her most recent book “Just Say Yes: A Marijuana Memoir”, with which she hopes to contribute to a re-examination of the ideas surrounding cannabis and eventually to a change in cannabis legislation. Readers of the book are invited to share their personal stories at

The book “Just Say Yes: A Marijuana Memoir”

“This funny, wry, and very candid memoir purports to be a Confession of an American Pot-Smoker but is really a meditation on the way we were and a cultural/personal history of the past fifty years.” – Phillip Lopate, American film critic, essayist, fiction writer, poet and teacher

"Weed is the spine of this memoir, as drink is the center of so many others."

“Weed is the spine of this memoir, as drink is the center of so many others.”

“Brilliant, important, and beautifully written.” – Betsy Prioleau, American author, radio personality and art historian

In examining her life from the perspective of a cannabis user, Catherine Hiller’s autobiography is probably the first to be written about cannabis. With this book, she has succeeded in telling an entertaining, positive story about long-term cannabis use. She has smoked almost every day for 50 years, with the exception of when she was pregnant or breastfeeding. Isn’t this indicative of some type of addiction? Her answer is a whole-hearted ‘yes’, just as others are addicted to their daily cup of coffee. This author has successfully given an honest examination of her experiences with cannabis in all aspects of her life: marriage, motherhood, friendship, work and sexuality.

“It’s hard for people to change their mind-set after so many years,” Ms. Hiller admitted. “But look at marriage equality and how that happened so fast. That was unheard-of five years ago. So maybe smoking pot will be completely normal, and no one will raise an eyebrow when they find out somebody smokes.”

Have you read Catherine’s memoires, or would you like to share your own experiences or opinions with us? Our readers can use the comments field under this article to share their stories.

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