Catharanthus roseus – Madagascar periwinkle



Continuously flowering shrub from Madagascar. Often grown as an ornamental plant.

Use: The dried leaves are smoked.

Active constituents: among others indoles  similar to those found in iboga, further vinblastine and vincristine.

Effects: Euphoria and hallucinations. Vincamine, which is contained as well, improves the performance of the brain in cases of blood vessel-related functional brain disorders.

Side Effects: The active substances of this plant act on cell division. Thus they are utilized to fight cancer. It comes to serious Side Effects: A passing immunodeficiency due to the decrease in the number of white blood cells takes already place during the first-time use. Long-term use or higher doses can lead to skin damage, massive hair loss, unsteady gait and muscle damage. It is therefore strongly advised not to use it.

Suppliers: Ornamental plant. Seeds and plants among others in garden centers.

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