Cannabis Strain Focus SPECIAL: Feminized Mix from Sensi Seeds


Feminized Mix 101

Did you know that Sensi Seeds created Special Mixes of its best cannabis seeds?
Last year, our special edition of the Strain Focus series was focused on the much appreciated, much praised Indoor Mix. This time, we want you to give some love to our Feminized Mix. This mix of exclusively feminized cannabis seeds will allow you to plan and organize your grow space as you see fit: no removing of male plants, no frustrating waiting period before you know how many plants will make it to harvest time! Depending on the size of your grow space, you can opt for a pack of 5, 10, or 20 feminized seeds.

Chance makes the selection for you

If this is your first experience cultivating cannabis indoors, you may not have a defined idea of what your grow space should look like. This can make the selection process for this season’s crops a bit of a challenge. But even experienced cannabis growers sometimes want to get surprised by their harvests. Variety is the spice of life, we hear! This is why Sensi Seeds created the Feminized Mix.

Our Feminized Mix contains 5, 10, or 20 seeds from the Sensi Seeds selection. These seeds are picked randomly from our 11 feminized cannabis strains and thrown into a pack of affordable, high quality cannabis goodness. If you are an aficionado of Sensi Seeds genetics, it is a great way to experience with a wide variety of effects, flavours and aromas from a single harvest, whilst being able to rely on stable growth patterns, thriving plants and delicious, potent buds.

It will also allow you to explore our selection without having to invest in multiple packs.

Not that we are against it; if you’d rather choose your one(s) and only(s) yourself, check out all our feminized seeds here. And while you’re there, do take a look at the “Cup” icon adorning most of the products of this category. Numerous of our feminized strains have been awarded at various Cannabis Cup events for their performance and effect – and all of them may well be in your own Feminized Mix!

Play “spot the strain” with us

How long will it take you to put a name on each of your plants once they have started flowering? You’ll only know if you try. Indica and sativa strains are easily identifiable thanks to the visible difference in leaf structure, growth pattern, and bud formation. From there … it’s up to you! You can make a tour of our FAQ, read the strain descriptions we have lovingly, thoroughly crafted for you, or quiz your favourite cannabis connoisseur friend. One thing is sure: no harvest will be more exciting!

A few words from our growers:

“One of the best banks lets you have 10 seeds, for the price of 3. Quality seeds that will always germinate!!!” – by ALEJANDRO

“It’s always exciting to receive a new pack from Sensi Seeds, knowing you have a 1st class product, and knowing that soon you will have a room full of healthy herb. Normally at the beginning of your grow you know what your room is full of … this time however you do not know till the end … how exciting!” – by Big Don Ger

“Brilliant, I love these seeds, it is a lucky dip but I am never disappointed with what I get.” – by Jud Geringer

“I had fun growing these babies, a real good experience for a beginner like me.” – by Jonathan

So get the best of Sensi Seeds genetics now – in feminized versions!

Buy Sensi Seeds’ Feminized Mix here.


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