Calliandra anomala – Cabeza de Angel


Cabeza de Angel is a shrub with feather-like, flaming red flowers which belongs to the family of the leguminosae. It originates from Mexico and Guatemala and is sometimes grown as an ornamental plant in California.

Use: Calliandra was already used by the Aztecs in old Mexico. First several cuts were made into its bark, and a couple of days later the resin, which showed up, was gathered, dried, pulverized, mixed with ashes and snuffed.

Active constituents: This plant contains various substances, like tannin,  a glycoside and an essential oil. Furthermore this plant is supposed to contain harmane and DMT, but I was not yet able to find a scientific proof of this claim.

Effects: Hypnotic, sleep inducing. The effects do not occur reliably. Calliandra is also being used as part of the Mexican folk medicine against diarrhea, swellings, fever and malaria.

Side Effects: None are known.

Suppliers: Seeds and plants are available in the botanical trade.


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