Argyreia nervosa – Hawaiian baby woodrose



Asian and Hawaiian persistent vine with large heart-shaped leaves.

Use: The white, fluffy layer is scratched from the seed’s surface, the rest singed off. Then the seeds are ground and eaten or one can let the ground seeds soak in water, strain them and drink the extract, with or without the mashed seeds. Another, better method is to mix two thirds of water and one third of alcohol (like vodka), so that there will be 100 ml at the end. Then stir the seed powder into this mixture and let it stand for 24 hours. Afterwards strain. If one has a coffee machine he can fill the seed powder there, where normally the coffee powder is filled in. Next, brew like in making espresso. An interesting combination are the so called magic dates: Mix ginseng, gotu kola (Centella asiatica), damiana and argyreia seed powder and stuff it into dates. Store this in a way that an accidental intake, most especially by children, is absolutely impossible. The consumption of argyreia and alcohol, at the same time, especially beer, should be avoided, since this combination often leads to digestive problems. The combination with cannabis products (hashish, marihuana) should be avoided as well; that can cause psychotic states. The usual dose is 2–6 seeds. In earlier issues I gave a significantly higher dose. Since around the beginning of the year 2001, however, there are seeds on the market, whose substance-content surpasses very distinctly that of the formerly available seeds. Especially at the first time of intake caution is advised. The effect is dependent on the dose: one up to three seeds act euphoriant, consumers often become talkative. Starting from 4 to 10 seeds hallucinations occur, a strong flow of thoughts is formed. Caution: 10 of the seeds are already a very high dose.

Active constituents: Lysergic acid amide (LSA).




Effects: Similar to LSD. The intellectual/spiritual component is stronger, optical and other sensory hallucinations are less distinct then under the influence of LSD. The state of inebriation lasts around six hours. Trance-feeling on the next day are the rule when taking high doses.





Side Effects: Often a strong tiredness occurs. During the first 30 to 50 minutes there can be a temporary nausea. This passes usually by itself. Sporadically there were complaints about long lasting pain in the legs. LSA must not be taken by pregnant women (it can lead to contractions of the uterus) or by people with liver complaints. Like with all hallucinogens latent psychoses can be activated. Especially under high doses more than half of the consumers experience unpleasant symptoms.

Suppliers: Seeds in ethnobotanical stores.




Miscellaneous: Reports of experiences in the second part. The effects of Ipomoea and Argyreia are similar, since the same main alkaloid is involved. Argyreia however is due to the concentration of the active substance which is multiple times higher, more reliable and mostly also causes less nausea, since less seeds must be swallowed to obtain the same effect. It is questioned if the occasionally offered woodrose (Meremia tuberosa) also has psychoactive effects.

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