Alchornea floribunda – Niando



This African shrub is commonly found in tropical Africa, from Sierra Leone to Zaire.

As a traditional “bitters” plant the dried root is extracted with palm liquor. One can pour 100 ml of a 40 proof alcohol over 10 grams of the ground root, let the extract stand for several days and then filter it off. Smoking the powdered root is also an occasionally applied form of intake.

Active constituents:

The root contains the main alkaloid alchorneine besides similar alkaloids in ranges between 0.6 % and 1.2 %.

The alcoholic extract made from niando acts stimulating, invigorative, exciting and keeps awake. Niando is mainly being smoked or drank for aphrodisiac purposes.
Side Effects:

The very high doses that are taken by members of African tribes cause after the excitement phase a deep exhaustion. In rare cases, strong overdoses can cause death.
Suppliers: The root is rarely found in ethnobotanical stores.

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